Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To Resolve or Not to Resolve?

I have an ongoing debate with myself on the creation of New Year's Resolutions. I've heard many thoughts on resolving -- how resolutions are only a temporary fix, or on the flipside how they can really change our lives.

My friend Nelda titles each year similar to ancient sanskrits to represent ideals she wants to focus on during the year.

Others I know (myself included) will exercise regularly, drink 12 glasses of water a day, and eat the most vegan, low-carb delicacies they can possibly stand.

This year, I am considering several new life changing processes that I'm not sure are resolutions. I really want these to become habitual and a part of who I am.

What are your thoughts on making resolutions?

Where in the blog have I been?

Writing is like therapy for me. And like any good therapy, just when I think I'm cured of whatever ails me, I stop. But any good doctor will tell you just like with antibiotics, you need to keep the therapy going until it ends, not until you feel better.

So, just as I thought I was cured of the divorce pain and drama, I stopped writing. Only to discover that the writing is what was making me feel better...and i needed to keep doing it.

So I'm back. 2-3 times per week. All the tales of motherhood, living single, a rediscovered career (we have a lot to catch up on), and a new year!

Happy Holidays!