Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer's Out and School's In?

As my Chicago days were relaxing and theraputic, they were quick to liven on the morning of July 29. Here is a sample of the subject lines of emails I received that day:

1. "First Grade Move In Day"

2. "Second Grade Flag Football Team Information"

3. "Girls' Fall Soccer Registration Information"

4. "2008-09 Parent Volunteer Opportunities"

5. "Classmate's Birthday Party"

6. "Book Exchange for Elementary School Students"

7. "Student Health Forms Due NOW:

My chest started tightening, my lips were pursed, and I could not breathe. The anxiety and anticipation of the upcoming school year was coming, it was almost too much to bare. School supplies, school clothes, PE shoes, and more had me freaking out!

Somehow I managed to breathe and medidate my way out of that experience. I have gotten some things accomplished while on vacation, but the first two weeks back in Dallas are going to be pretty jam-packed. We had to go to the school today to turn in some forms...and guess what? The chest tightening started all over again.

Do you have back to school anxiety for your kids? How do you overcome it?

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Beth said...

Mine are younger (of course), but I had switched my older one out to a new school with a morning program and he said to me "I don't want new friends, I want my old friends."

Yes, it made me extremely anxious if I have done the right thing. Yes, I worried this morning, but when I picked him up, he said he had a "GREAT" first day. So maybe, just maybe I can relax a little. There is only so much we can control.