Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back on the Blogosphere!

I am back! Back in Texas, back to blogging, back to using the computer regularly. Back and happy about it!

When we returned to Texas from the adventures of the greatest summer ever, I had to hit the ground running. I needed to find a job (remember, I quit the one I had last May), I needed to find a place to live (moved out and put everything in storage at the beginning of summer), and I had much needed legal business to complete (the divorce IS NOW final).

The last part of our trip was so amazing! Once we left Chicago though, I remembered how hard it was for me to have my own computer time while taking care of the three kids. (Ah...the memories of having my mother babysit while we were in Chicago).

There are a few lessons learned and trip tidbits that I plan to share, however, since the road trip has ended, our recovery has headed in a different direction. I promise to write more about that in the next coming weeks.

This is the first week of fall, and I have decided to embrace it fully. If you subscribe to the blog via email or a reader that doesn't let you see the graphics, please go to the actual site....I think it's lovely. After spending much of the month of August being sad that summer was coming to an end, I am approaching autumn as the season of earth's beauty. Keep reading, and I promise to keep blogging!

Ta Ta For Now....

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