Thursday, October 9, 2008

Every Grub Needs a Home

My daughter, Tyra, is such an interesting person. She loves taking the knowledge she learns at school and applying it to something practical and hands on.
About a month ago, she brought home a recently-shed snake skin from her science class. Last week, she was fascinated with rollie pollies. Yesterday, she wanted to do her part to save more of the earth's creatures.
By adopting 3 grubs.
Yes. My sweet girl rescued 3 grubs from the earth and brought them home from school. She had them packaged nicely in a ziploc bag with grass and dirt.
I think I am a pretty liberal parent. I am all about learning by doing, exploring the world, caring for living things, and making a difference in the world.
However, grubs are gross.
My plan was to tell her the disadvantages of the grubs going home with us and let her make the decision to set them free.
I tried it all, but girlfriend had done her research. She googled grubs on the computer at school to find out out to take care of them.
"Grubs are the larvae of Japanese White Beetles," she said. "Many people think they are a problem because they eat grass and dirt. They just like salad," she said. "And salad is good for you."
I replied, "You know, grubs are important to the circle of life too. Timon and Pumba (from the Lion King) eat grubs."
"Timon and Pumba should be vegetarians," she said.
"Mom," she said. "No matter how matter how squirmy...a grub is a living thing that deserves love, kindness, and a place to live. These grubs were once a part of someone's family. They were lost in the world and needed to know that someone cares. That someone is me."
"What if you kill them?," says her senecal older brother.
"Then they would die knowing someone cared. I have felt like a grub sometimes," she admits. "We have been alone without Daddy but God always took care of us. I want to take care of the grubs like God takes care of us."
And so the grubs live on...happily ever after on our patio.

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