Friday, January 2, 2009

Do you have an alter ego?

One of the best purchases I made last year was Beyonce's new CD, "I am Sasha Fierce." I know that a lot of people do not like this CD, or even do not care for Beyonce's...I mean, Sasha's mode of self-expression. I however, LOVE IT!

My new year's resolution for 2008 was "To Get My Sexy Back." My ex-husband and I separated right after Thanksgiving 2007 and I felt frumpy to say the least. I ended 2008 with a new name for that sexy siren who is sometimes "Toni," sometimes "teeaaacccher (as whined by 20 prek children each day), and sometimes "Mommy."

Roxie With Moxie. The name is derived from a conversation I had with an old college friend (he was defining the word moxie for me) and the young, hip hair stylist who gave my my stylish new 'do (her name is Roxie).

I have since started giving my friends names for their alter egos...and I must say, it is pretty fun! I can't tell you everything Roxie does, but trust me...she is definitely ready for 2009!

Have you ever wanted to have an alter ego? What would her name be?

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