Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

This holiday season has been weird for me. I planned to photo shoot for the holiday cards, I put up all of the decorations, I made it to all of the school holiday events -- and then I lost it.
I cried every day of one incredibly busy weekend of holiday parties...I forgot to have the kids acknowledge their teachers for Christmas, and I broke out in hives and itched for 10 days straight.
I suppose I could say it was holiday overload. I suppose I could say it was my first official holiday as a single woman. I guess I could also say I overscheduled myself and the children during the season. And, let's not forget the allergy to peppermint bark. I want to say them all -- plus a simple realization. I AM HUMAN.
I was tired. I needed to slow down and write. Instead I was obsessing over holiday card wording, finding the right outfit to wear to the next soiree, and wondering if I was ready to date again (more on that later).
When I finally decided what I needed to be doing in December -- giving, loving, and laughing -- it was almost too late. Notice the almost..because I was able to salvage it with the three people to whom it mattered kids.

We started with waffle cones.

Smeared a lot of icing all over them...

And rolled them in sprinkles!

Then, we took down the Christmas decorations.

Have a great 2009!

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