Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Must Be On a Different Internet Planet

Internet friends,

I need your help in understanding something. I am a computer-savvy girl. I suppose I could say that I am an addict. But here's the deal...twice in two days, I have been asked by people I know pretty well to take me off my "email group list."

Let me tell you this...I have a email group list that I use when I want to send emails to friends, family, etc. I rarely will forward group emails unless it is extremely appropriate (definitely NOT those ones who say forwarded to 10 people and receive a prize, etc.) I use the group list to send photos of the kids, update on someone's health if needed, and the like.

I do forward emails to individuals that may relate to something we've discussed, etc. If Christie and I have been talking about Catholic parenting issues, I may forward her an article that I've read related to Catholic parenting. (Read her blog and you'll see why.)

Anyway, I am just so perplexed and a little taken aback that with all the forwarding and sharing of information going on in the world, I have been asked not once, but twice recently to stop sharing information! These people know me....asking me to stop sharing information is like asking a baby to stop being cute! LOL!

So while I deal with my own information "sharing" issues, please tell me how you determine when or why to forward a message? Do you have groups of people you share information with, or do you prefer to send it to individuals?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Toni. I love following your blogs. I never send group emails, and I detest receiving them. My sisters send me phone messages, and I'll get them in 10 minute increments...it's funny as they're usually these chain emails. it's so cute, but I have never ever sent one back to them. thank God for sisters because they continue to include me in the loop, despite my failure to engage.

Keep up the insightful writings, and looks like your life is on a definite upswing!


Maniac Megahan

African American Mom said...

Those people will be the same people who will be out of the loop when you strike it rich! HA!

However I hate group emails too if they don't directly pertain to me.