Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How will I approach this?

After I woke up from a long weekend's nap, I came to these conclusions:

1. The first fast would begin immediately. It would be a caffeine fast (remember the energy pack?) As far as I was concerned, caffeine withdrawal was just the jolt I needed to bring me closer to the Lord in finding myself.

2. No playdates with old friends, no meeting the girls during happy hour, no "fun" until I have been in Chicago for at least 5 days. I need to spend time with my parents, my children need to get used to the idea of being in a different city, and I need to take time to catch up on my rest.

3. If I start to feel a little sorry for myself in light of the divorce, single parenting, etc...the pity party can only last for 15 minutes. When it's over, there are no what ifs, self-loathing tactics, and no blaming.

4. Each day will begin and end with prayer, yoga, and meditation. The prayers are my requests to God, the Yoga opens my mind, heart, and body to receive God, and the meditation is the act of me listening to God.

1 comment:

Christie@tisbutaseason said...

girrrllll, let me know if you're gonna do a carb/sugar fast. That one makes me SOOOO sick - which is probably a clear indicator that I need to do it, huh?

Excedrin Migraine gets me through. The Coach says they are like vitamins for me...oh, but they have caffeine in them. Sorry :(