Sunday, July 13, 2008

Old Friends, Good Times, and the West Loop

Breakfast clubs are the thing in Chicago. My father belongs to one, my god-father belongs to another one, and some college friends and I participated in one this weekend. Groups of friends, colleagues, etc. meet for breakfast on Saturday mornings. Breakfast clubs meet early, as the restaurants can get crowded quickly! So what did we do? We met at Wishbone's near Oprah's Studio in the West Loop at 9:00 a.m. (Not only was I on time...I was the first one there :)

There were five of us, and because we hadn't had the opportunity to really catch up with each other in years, we had to each tell what we dubbed "Our Story." The stories consisted of lost loves, true callings, travels overseas, dreadful bosses, the world of mommyhood, sorority memories, romantic trysts, and any other news we wanted to share. As we were leaving the restaurant five hours later, I had never felt more refreshed.

Here's to old times girls. OO-OOP!

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